À propos d’une chute

2nd Biennale Internationale du Carnet d’Artiste (BICA)
Beauport Art and History Society, Quebec
Autumn/Winter 2022

Je, Jean-Marc, j’étais III
VI Biennial of Artists’ Books at Portage
September 2022

Je, Jean-Marc, j’étais, at Galerie d’Outremont

As part of the borough’s cultural and event programming, the Galerie d’Outremont presents, from September 7 to October 30, 2022, the solo exhibition of Anne Billy Je, Jean-Marc, j’étais.

Challenged by the vagaries of the human soul, Anne Billy presents in this series of works a story of collaboration and tenderness in which youth and old age rub shoulders and support each other. In this corpus, the artist presents intimate scenes that suggest different forms of communication between a grandson and his grandfather. The embroidered silhouettes of the protagonists bring you to the symbolic world of the artist around this inter-generational relationship. Added to this finely crafted dialogue are quilts produced from the artist grandfather’s diaries.

Exhibition of artists’ books and objects presented by Chantal and Paul Leibenguth for Am’Arts

From March 12th to April 10th
GALERIE « À L’ÉCU DE FRANCE », Vilefray, France


Solo exhibition at the Villebon cultural center in the City of Beloeil.
November 2021

Je, Jean-Marc, j’étais II

12th Biennale Internationale d’Estampes Contemporaines of Trois-Rivières (BIECTR) Summer 2021
200 x 200 cm

Lettres à mère-grand

V Biennial of Artists’ Books at Portage
September 2021

Lasse de lasser

D’Arts et de rêves 

Creative residency, Sutton
Summer 2021

«Historical objects speak to me, touch me, stimulate my creativity, and provide opportunities for me to evoke their human connection. Charged with a history that I embrace, they invite me to dress them, deconstruct them, to return and re-focus them to offer them a new identity. I embrace their hand made quality which enters into a dialogue with the thrust of my work.”»


February 2021

Croyance, the book

Publication of works from the Croyance corpus , Fall 2018

Texts by Véronique Gagnon
Photos Guy L’Heureux
Design Ariel Borremans

Nature : sous toutes ses formes

Nature, collective exhibition celebrating the 2 years of Livart, multidisciplinary art center in Montreal, October 2018

Two forces of nature:
dancer Claire Jeannot and the work of artist Anne Billy.

Jardin moelleux

IV Biennale of artists’ books at the Portage, Salle Gilles-Moreau, Notre-Dame-du-Portage,
September 2018

Au fil du temps

Collective exhibition,
Bruck Museum, Cowansville,
September 2018

The Old Lock Up Gallery

Postcard show, 
Derbyshire, England, September 2018-19


Seminar for the creation of collective works of artisans and artists from many regions of Quebec and New Brunswick.

A wonderful experience of mutual help, sharing and solidarity. June 2018


Solo exhibition at the Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec, Montreal.
November 2017.

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